Membership Benefits

astalogoWhy Join ASTA?
The benefits to joining ASTA are numerous and include the following:
American String Teacher Journal
An award-winning quarterly scholarly publication that keeps members informed of developments and news within the string profession. The journal provides regular columns, featured articles, news and information about upcoming string events throughout the nation, and other important educational information.
Illinois ASTA State Chapter Membership
State membership dues are already included in the price of national membership and provide additional benefits and opportunities. Illinois ASTA offers an annual Teacher Enrichment Workshop, the annual luncheon at the state Music Educators Conference, several annual awards, a dynamic online community through our website and Facebook page, and opportunities for professional leadership at the state level of our organization.
Job Opportunities
Gives employers the opportunity to post available positions on the web. Provides ASTA members access to potential employment opportunities.
Comprehensive National Website
ASTA’s national website ( contains detailed information about each of ASTA’s programs. These programs include job openings, grants, string industry contacts, awards, competitions, and current news about the string world.
Foundation to Promote String Playing and Teaching
Our newest initiative provides grants, awards, instrument outreach programs, and contests and competitions exclusively for ASTA members.
Online Discussion Groups
The new eCommunities provides members with online discussion groups where you can seek assistance when posed with a specific issue. Members find this method of communication extremely useful when posed with a specific issue. It provides the broadest and fastest way to gather information and find innovative solutions to unique problems in a short time span.
National High School Honors Orchestra
Performing group of 150 competitively selected high school musicians who assemble biennially to perform at the national conference under the direction of world renowned conductors.
Cutting Edge Publications
Discounted members-only rates for a wealth of string publications in a growing library of new and revised resources. A variety of tools are available covering topics such as Pedagogy, Classroom and Orchestra Instruction, Private Studio, Research and Resources, Music, and Compendiums.
Professional development avenues are available at the National Conference and the National String Forum and Festival to assist you and your students in achieving career and learning objectives. Special initiatives include: an Alternative Styles Forum, a National Studio Teachers Forum, special K-12 Focus Sessions, the biennial National Solo Competition and the National Orchestra Festival.
Professional Development Programs
ASTA offers several professional development programs for string educators. These include the Certificate Advancement Program (ASTACAP), as well as access to professional development hours and/or college credit for those attending the national conference.
Institutional Members
The Institutional Membership category provides members access to colleges, universities, and other educational programs. The ASTA website and the spring issue of AST Journal provide a directory of institutional members and their summer programs/workshops.
String Industry Council
The String Industry Council builds a bridge between string teachers and players and corporate America. The Council encourages companies to support the string community and provides specialized support for corporate-sponsored projects. The annual and online directories are valuable sources of information for members to locate a wide variety of industry partners including: instrument manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers; music publishers and dealers, instrument repairs and rentals; bows, strings and other accessories, as well as music festivals and tours.
Advocacy and Outreach
ASTA has materials available to assist members in starting and growing string and orchestra programs as well as for community outreach programs. Some of the items available include “Why Strings?” brochures, a public service announcement by Mark O’Connor, advocacy kits, posters, and more.
Group Insurance Programs
Through the Forrest T. Jones Co., ASTA members are eligible for a variety of insurance coverage, such as liability, life, auto, identity theft, health, and more. for details.